Casa Java New Metal Collection is constructed from a combination of durable 304 Stainless Steel and premium Indonesian Teak wood as well as the high quality, fire retardant batyline. The Teak’s high oil content naturally guards against the elements, making it a superior choice for outdoor use, and stainless steel, resistant to corrosion, also provides your furniture with added stability, strength, and durability. With the touch of mortise and tenon joinery craft and stainless steel fittings, Casa Java New Metal Collection ensures decades of outdoor usage.


However, over time, the outdoor environments which include variable weather will eventually affect the appearance of the teak and the polished stainless steel look. The dirt may collect on exposed surfaces of the teak and stainless steel, which can be minimized with the recommended use of “Casa Java Stainless Steel and Teak Cleaner “on the furniture.



Stainless Steel

 The 304 Stainless steel is may not “Corrosion Proof” even though it is not resistant to discoloration. Certain chemical applications and extreme environments such as salt water, acid air and airborne particles will gradually lead to signs of corrosion and discoloration; however, it will in no way affect the strength, integrity, or longevity of the furniture. Therefore, some maintenance is required to preserve the finish and the quality of the stainless steel.


Small brown spots may appear on the stainless steel surface but such spots can easily be removed by cleaner available in hardware store. By gently rubbing the surface with a soft cloth in the direction of finish, you can clean the affected stainless steel surface and bring back the exclusive look of the stainless steel.
The more extreme the environment, the more frequent the maintenance is required and we recommend a monthly and weekly application. By placing the stainless steel furniture in marine and coastal environments will cause a quick discoloration and require more frequent maintenance.